Attack of the Daleks

This is an old AAR:

The Doctor and UNIT (BA Commandos) vs Daleks and Cybermen

The game played quickly with fast action, lasting just into the 6th Turn (Episode 😉 )

The Daleks/Cybermen were trying to capture the UNIT lab, before the Doctors could complete work on the Reverse Polarity Time Loop machine. (If the objective for UNIT was to protect the doctor until he could finish the machine activate it and destroy yht remaining Daleks/Cybermen.) Every turn after the machine was built but not fully opperational the Daleks lost 1″ of movement, but gained 3 reinforcements.

After much tough fighting, the Doctor suceeded in operating the machine, in the nick of time, to save the day and destroy the Dalek/Cyber threat. The Earth was safe once again.

Great fun for all. Apart from the Doctor Who  additions the game was played as written, from the main rue book and worked really nicely, ideal for this kind of TV/Comic book/Hollywood feel scenario.

Some pictures:

To download the scenario click here:


Attack of the Daleks Scenario (PDF 3.3mb)

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